Media Training

tvcamera1Media skills is a key part of any learning and development programme.  It is about using a media interview to enhance your organisation’s reputation and brand, by communicating to a given audience in an effective way.  It is about taking control of an interview without appearing to hijack it.  It is definitely not learning how to “spin” like a politician!

It is also about making sure that it is YOUR messages that come shining through and that when you are asked tough questions, you can deal with them effectively.  Adam helps people “tell their story”.

Adam has travelled the world training CEOs and front line staff in doing media interviews.  Sometimes the delegate in the full studio experience or recording them on a small camera himself.  Adam’s knowledge and engaging style helps delegates get the best out of the training so they can continue to enhance the reputation of their organisation.

Another advantage of this training is that it can be used very effectively for other presentations, for example question and answer sessions or staff meetings.  Negotiating with your partner may even become easier!

Adam Kirtley can work for you too!  Contact him now for more information.